The cage is an illusion

Your “Escape Plan” need not be complicated and certainly can’t wait until you’ve achieved enlightenment – or even self-improvement.

Setting a goal is the first step.

It can be as easy as speaking or writing down a commitment to change what you want changed.

This is how strategies are born: by knowing where you want to end up and devising a general plan to get there.

The important thing to remember is that you are creating a plan, not performing a magic spell that instantly either works or doesn’t.

The plan gives you a general direction in which to set out toward a definite end. If there are detours or setbacks along the way – and there will be – it is the view towards the ultimate goal that will help you start moving in the right direction again. Each step is a success. Keep the goal in mind and you will get there sooner that you expected, though the journey may seem endless at times.

When you utter or write down your commitment, you may hear a negative voice saying: “you’re lying”; “you don’t mean that”; “you’ll never do it”.

It will sound like you, use your voice and style of communication, but it is not you. It is merely the product of programming, conditioning, habit and basic animal instinct. “You” are the being with the ambitions, “it” is the non-entity that feels threatened by where You want to go.

As of today, You are in control, and it can harp on all it wants – You are free!


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