2019 – not a time to “keep up appearances”

So many people and organizations are concerned with appearances – “optics” as they have recently been referred to in the media.

There are entire industries dedicated to perception management and public relations, while individuals use social media to promote their own online brand. This is nothing new, of course – but 2019 promises to be a year in which masks of all sorts will begin to lose their utility.

Already we have seen many once-unquestioned sources of information and entertainment fall under deep scrutiny for the nonsensical narratives they create. As the new year progresses, we are likely to see more profound unmaskings, leading to exponential changes in public perceptions and opinions about the stories by which people shape their own lives.

For many, this presents a threatening state of affairs. But it is also an opportunity to stop pretending. To open up to the light of day those parts of our lives that we have been afraid to acknowledge.

This is not an invitation to “wear your heart on your sleeve”, but rather to boldly be and build energy that can be shared with the world.

Manipura Chakra – a dominant energy for 2019:

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