Time is on your side

What is holding you back?

  • your spouse?
  • your job?
  • your children?
  • your dog?
  • money?
  • upbringing?
  • location?

Naturally, that list could be expanded indefinitely. And, on the surface, any one of those things could justifiably be seen as an insurmountable obstacle.

After all, you are married. Having a pet limits your options, from vacations to jobs. Children are simply there – for the rest of your life, most likely – and certainly rank high on your list of responsibilities.

Let’s face it: some things can’t be changed.

And many of those things can end up in opposition to your desires and ambitions as you progress through life.
What to do?!?

The first step is to realize that time is on your side. As the only constant in the universe (despite what Einstein thought, time is observably constant and the “speed of light” completely irrelevant), time will keep on moving. And anything on your list of obstacles will continue to move toward its ultimate expiry date. Nothing lasts forever, and that should be a heartening thought!

This is not to say that you must wait until all of your justifications for staying put disappear. The time between now and resolution of the obstacle should be spent preparing.

Just imagine that tomorrow, one of your justifications for being stuck suddenly disappeared. Would you instantly be able to realize your goal? Do you even have a goal, or have you been too discouraged to plan for the inevitable future?

You see, the things you think are holding you back are simply filling the time necessary until you are actually ready.

They are actually doing you the favor of providing temporary meaning – your responsibility is to take advantage of this gift by garnering the necessary know-how and resources to satisfy your dream.

So, carpe diem! Set goals, find out what it takes to meet them and take steps as often as possible to prepare for the day when it all comes together.

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