The squatting solution

Building the ability to squat down into a relaxed posture is the most useful skill I have developed in my adult life.

I am going to share something embarrassing with you: In the first years of starting my translation business, I had such horrible chronic constipation (from stress and “overwork”) that I developed an anal fissure. This tear in my anal sphincter made using the toilette even harder, because of the bleeding and pain now involved.

Eventually, I was referred to a specialist who scheduled a surgery, informing me that there was no other option as such a tear could never heal on its own when it had reached the stage mine had, with abundant scar tissue and regular re-opening of the wound. His solution was to “create a copiously bleeding wound”, the idea being that this would then be fresh enough to heal the area.

I didn’t really relish the idea, but I also understood why he believed the hardened scare tissue around the ripped skin would be unable to fuse together. After some focused internet searches, I found an idea that is oddly absent in Western Civilization: that humans were designed to squat when eliminating waste. What a revelation.

I decided that this was something on which I had to act. I constructed a platform with a foot support on either side of the toilette bowl that I could use to painfully and awkwardly squat.

At first, it was very difficult to relax in this position but, over time, I got used to it and was finally able to take care of business in this position. It pretty quickly solved the constipation problem by allowing gravity to help more with elimination.

The fissure was still there, of course, but soon it stopped re-opening as often as it had been. To cut to the chase: it was a long road, but within about 7 years, the wound closed for good. Now, 10 years later, the skin is smooth and strong. You can still feel where the wound was, but it has not re-opened more than once in the past 5 years, and then only in a minor way. There is no pain, no itching – no fissure!

Now, I have taken squatting to the next level – having begun barbell training around 4 months ago. I’ll leave the details of that for another article.

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