Dry fast – 24-hour update

So, roughly 24 hours since completing my last meal, I am feeling stressed physically but optimistic and engaged mentally. I worked some on the computer today and sent some invoices out to customers – so I was able to squeeze in some productivity to a day largely dedicated to just allowing myself to get into the fast.

Although I haven’t felt any unquenchable thirst or hunger, part of me has wanted to just “stop with the nonsense” several times. When I fast, I am always hyper aware of any references I hear people make to food and drink. I’ve caught several such references today, and I walked past a group of workers on their lunch break.

I look forward to my dreams tonight, which I’m sure will involve food and drink in some way (which usually doesn’t happen until a few days into the fast, but this time may be different because I ate so much in the run-up and because I’m not even drinking fluids).

Slight headache as I withdraw from caffeine but nothing unbearable.



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